Apostle Yolanda V. Holmes


Apostle Yolanda is the Founder and President of “Heart To Heart Ministries” and believes in getting to the matters of the heart. Her God given passion is to see people restored back to their proper place in the body of Christ, she teaches and trains people to let go of rejection and insecurity and “be” the anointed vessel of God that HE intended for you to be.   Apostle Yolanda is a daring and dedicated intercessor who stands her ground and will not take down to the enemy.


Apostle Yolanda has a powerful grace that ministers directly to the heart of issue.  In her messages Under Construction but not Condemned she encourages individuals not to give up when facing past failures and disappointment.  The enemy will come to make us fear and to be ashamed, but God gives us the power to overcome.   She teaches that he  who started a good work in your is faithful to end.  That latter shall be greater than the form. In her message: “My Beloved Has Come”, she reveals the importance of worship and being in intimacy with God. And during that time God will bring healing and restoration to us.


Prophet Yolanda is a dedicated wife and mother of Wilton Jr. and Cherita and proud grandmother of two precious granddaughters.




Heart to Heart Ministries, a non-profit, faith-based organization dedicated to bringing healing to the hearts of hurting people. Life can throw us for a loop with its unexpected changes and challenges such as rape, domestic violence, joblessness, fatherlessness and death or natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.  The aftermath of such tragedies can leave one hopeless, rejected, bitter, unforgiving and angry, which can also lead to sickness and diseases that affect our physical and mental health.

It is the vision of Heart to Heart to minister, train and assist individuals who are victims/survivors of life crisis on how to be healed and overcome. Heart to Heart offers one-on-one guidance, support groups and workshops to educate and empower  victims/survivors to be free from past hurts and to move forward and live a happy and productive life.